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Creative Director, Producer, Business Dev/ Marketing


Seeking a creative professional to bring your ideas to life? I specialize in graphic & web, design, as well as video production along with marketing & business development. My focus is to utilize my uniquely blended skill set with a focus on meeting your needs & exceeding your expectations. From captivating logos to user-friendly websites & visual content that tells a story, your message will leave a lasting impression. Through a combination of collaboration & intuition as well as open communication, we'll achieve your goals. Ready to make a lasting impact? Let's connect & propel your brand & your story to new heights.


recent projects

The Green Party & BC Greens

Creative Direction/ Production/ Post Production

Title: BC Green Party's Vision Unveiled: A Compelling Video with Impactful Creative Direction

Under my creative direction, a visually stunning video was created to convey the BC Green Party's story. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 11.26.07 AM.png
All Logos Different Colours 2022-2-21.png
Loca Media

Branding, Marketing & Web Design

Since it's inception in 2012 Loca Media has seen a fair amount of shifts within the design & marketing sphere.

The Relating Academy

Branding, Marketing, Web Design, Course Creation, Public Relations

It feels truly aligned when I'm able to combine work with personal growth & working on this project allowed for just that. Being a huge proponent of emotional wellbeing & understanding the value of positive human connections coming up with this design & website flow was a breeze. 

All Logos Different Colours 2022-2-23_edited.jpg
All Logos Different Colours 2022-18.jpg

Concept, Branding & UX/UI Design

Connect is a unique take on the traditional social media app. The design itself has a fluid, memorable & inspired aesthetic.
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UX/UI Design. 

Previous Clients

Design & Branding

I've had the pleasure of creating timeless designs for clients who tell me even a dcade later how much they love their logo. It's an honour to work with entreprenuers of all kinds. 

Business Development

Masterful Art of Long Term Planning

In addition to my design skills, I bring a strategic mindset & extensive experience in marketing & business development with a dash of public relations. Through developing a brand message comes curating their long-term goals & to me, those go hand in hand. 

 This is executed by building strong media relationships & ensuring your message reaches the right audience. The next phase is creating actionable steps & making a concrete plan on how to achieve them to grow your business. With a strategic approach, I'm here to help you shine in the spotlight & help achieve your goals.

Follow/Watch & Listen

Design/ Marketing/ Production 

From concept to production, design, & marketing, I offer a comprehensive skill set to build an extraordinary brand & podcast.

With expertise in brand strategy and design, I help you craft an authentic & memorable brand identity that resonates with your message & target audience.

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Awkward Ascent Podcast
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Photography & Creative Projects

Art Direction, Photography, Oil/Acrylic on Canvas, Styling, Photoshop Edits & Post Production

With a keen eye for detail, I specialize in capturing precious moments and evoking emotions through photography. From breathtaking landscapes to heartfelt portraits, I strive to immortalize memories and convey narratives through every frame.

In addition to photography, I immerse myself in the world of art and painting, embracing colors, textures, and artistic expression.

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